Should You Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Ebook?

The rise of the ebook has revolutionized the way in which we read. Gone are the days in which getting a book out either required authors to go through the process of querying literary agents and placing their book with a traditional publisher, or making huge investments by self-publishing a paperback or hardcover. Thanks to the digital age, the option of publishing a book — or an entire series of books, for that matter — has opened up to countless groups of people who would never have considered this step otherwise. 

Are you a successful craftpreneur on Etsy, and would you like to teach others how to knit, too? Do you live with a challenging and little-known medical condition, and want to help others who have newly been diagnosed cope and prepare? Do you have a burning need to share your side of the story after living through a transformative experience, or are you an expert in your field hoping to encourage and advise those who are just getting started? Are you a blogger with years of valuable content under their belt, now thinking of compiling your core message into an easily-accessible format?

In all these cases and others, publishing an ebook can boost your profile, win over new customers, spread your message, and generate revenue. Folks who have something to say but are totally clueless about how may, on the other hand, be terrified at the thought of sitting down to write an entire ebook from scratch — or may know how to write an ebook, but genuinely lack time. They may think about hiring a ghostwriter for their ebook. Given the fact that ghostwriter and client engage in a mutually-beneficial working relationship in which the ghostwriter brings your idea to fruition, that is a perfectly valid choice. Hiring a ghostwriter to craft your ebook isn’t the right step for everyone, but might it be for you?

How a ghostwriter can bring your ebook to life

Talented ghostwriters can bring your story or message to life in your voice, helping you with all aspects of writing your ebook. That includes doing research, listening to and recording your story, making an outline and then transforming it into a professionally-written manuscript, and making sure the entire work is edited and formatted correctly. 

Although you will retain the copyright over the manuscript, working with a ghostwriter does not mean passing someone else’s work off as your own — you, after all, dictate the content of the ebook, and the ghostwriter follows your lead. You offer constant feedback in this collaborative relationship, and will have the chance to review and change the final work as you see fit.

Hiring a ghostwriter to write your ebook may be right for:

  • Businesses. Whether you are a single, self-employed businessperson or own a company of any size, you are bound to outsource countless tasks to employees or independent contractors. A ghostwriter can deliver a professionally-written ebook for your business in much the same way. 
  • A successful entrepreneur or expert in your (non-writing) field. You know what you want to share with the world in your ebook, at least in broad strokes, but you have never been crafty with words or are too busy to write an ebook. A ghostwriter can help you tell your story — in your words, but better. 
  • Anyone who just doesn’t feel confident about writing. A recent scandal has thrust you into the spotlight, you want to leave a legacy for the next generation by publishing your memoir, or you’ve just become the youngest successful carpenter in your town and think your story can inspire others, but you’re awfully dyslectic. You’re filled to the brim with ideas, but don’t have it in you to execute them. Partnering with a ghostwriter can fix that. 

Alternatives to hiring a ghostwriter for your ebook

Working with a ghostwriter may be a legitimate way to get your story out, but you also have other options. You may instead embark on the road of improving your own creative writing skills — something anyone is able to do with the help of the numerous helpful resources on the internet — and take a shot at writing your own book. With a professional freelance editor on your side, you need not be a naturally-talented writer to help your ebook be successful, so long as you know the topic you’re tackling inside out. 

Those who know what to say, but struggle with spelling and typing may, meanwhile, benefit from a transcription professional. By recording your story and sending it off to be transcribed by a transcriptionist, you will ultimately have more control over your content than you would by working with a ghostwriter.