Best Banks for Freelancers

If you are a freelancer looking for the best bank, you know that most of the banks have not been designed with people like you in mind. When you aren’t living with regular paychecks and have fluctuating income, these are the best banks for you.


The best freelancer checking account overall, Lili is an online bank specifically designed for freelancers. It does not charge any bank fees, including transaction fees and monthly maintenance fees. Lili also helps you create sub-accounts for taxes and emergency funds and you can either add money manually to these two accounts or allocate a specific percentage that goes into each as money is deposited into your account.

Lili integrates with other platforms like Upwork and Shopify and can send you notifications for transactions made on the account. If you’re looking for a bank with no-fee checking, free sub-accounts creation, and other helpful tools, this is the bank for you.


BlueVine is another great bank for freelancers and a favorite for its high interest rates. Customers begin earning 1% interest rates the moment an account is opened through this online bank/. While earning money, Bluevine doesn’t charge banking fees like traditional banks and has fantastic customer reviews. Unlike many online-only banks, Bluevine makes it easier for freelancers to deposit cash than most banks. 


For freelancers who want to do private banking and freelance banking all in the same place, nbkc is another online banking option. Providing both business and personal accounts, nbkc business account does not have any fees, and the personal accounts provide interest-earning ops for customers.

Axos Bank

For freelancers wanting to expand on their freelance business, Axos is available with options for businesses of any size. This means that this bank can work for you as a solo freelancer or an individual who has established a comprehensive marketing agency. This flexibility means you won’t have to change banks if you grow. 

However, Axos has a larger minimum opening deposit; you may need as much as $10,000 to opening an account. 

Novo Bank

If you are looking for a bank with many software integrations, then Novo is your best option. It works with popular accounting software like Quicken and even credit card processing software to deliver the best results to the users. Also, it gives users discounts on things such as travel and web hosting. Furthermore, there are no fees in Novo’s checking account. 


TIAA stands out because of its vast ATM network of more than 80,000 ATMs. For users who cannot find an in-network ATM, the bank reimburses for all out-of-network ATM fees on a monthly basis. 


The only way to open an Oxygen business account is via its mobile app. In fact, all the operations for this bank are fully app-based. Once you have unlocked your account, you can start managing your cash flows, paying your bills, and conducting other functions from your Smartphone. The low overhead is passed on to customers with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. 


Providing a free, interest-bearing checking account, there are no minimum balances or opening deposits that are required when using Kabbage for business checking. While earning a competitive annual percentage rate, customers won’t be charged for any transactions or monthly fees. 

American Express

Not just a source of credit, American Express banking provides high-yield savings accounts to give customers a chance to save at rates higher than the national average. American Express doesn’t charge monthly fees and provides 24/7 customer service. 

Each of the banks listed has been designed with freelancers in mind and makes it easy to manage, grow, and balance your finances. 

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.