Side Hustles You Can Do While Your Kids Are in School

Parenting is a blessing, and seeing your kids grow into responsible adults brings unimaginable joy. However, with kids around, expenses increase, and it might be hard to make ends meet. You might think of taking a second job, but that, too, will rob you of your time with your precious family. 

However, trying smart side hustles when your kids are in school is a great way to remain available for the family while still topping up your income. Learn from this blog some clever tips and tricks to employ and ease the burden off your shoulder. 

1. Drive kids around.

Many parents work many hours a day, finding it hard to drive their kids from and to various points. If you have a car or a bus and have some free time while your children are in school, you could try driving kids around as a reliable side hustle and time for your child’s return. 

The process is not complicated, and you only need to meet parents at kids’ events or go to the local schools and advertise yourself. Besides, you could try a professional edge by printing flyers and giving parents within the locality since they can trust you more than random people.

2. Try childcare and babysitting.

Since you are a parent, you most likely have babysitting skills and numerous connections among your friends. So why not turn this into a beautiful side hustle, especially when your kids are in school, and earn extra income to put something into your pocket? Like driving kids around, you could advertise yourself locally, although referrals will work better as you babysit more.

3. Venture into school jobs.

School jobs are great side hustles you can take when your kids are in school, mainly because they will likely match your kids’ timing. For instance, you could teach in your child’s school or join the cafeteria. Some schools will not need much from you to become an aide or a substitute teacher, and only a bachelor’s degree will be enough. Better still, if you are an experienced driver, you could ask the school to employ you and let you drive kids around. 

4. Freelance.

Freelancing is another ripe field, providing millions with income today. Besides, there are many jobs you can do depending on your interest and profession. Including blogging, technical writing, digital assistance, data management, project planning & management, and design. 

What makes freelancing even better is that you become your own boss; hence you can decide how much work you do every day. Moreover, you can plan yourself after securing jobs and wake up early, achieving much. Still, your kids’ hours in school can be the most productive, mainly because you have no interference in your environs. 

5. Do online surveys and test websites.

Another thing you could do as a side hustle while your kids are out of the house and in school is taking online surveys and testing surveys. All you need to do is have a stable internet connection and a device, and you will be clicking links and providing feedback. 

Of course, you will not earn as much as you would from childcare or driving kids, but you will have a lot of free time since the surveys and tests typically take 15 minutes. With the free time in between, you can jog around or visit the gym, enabling yourself to keep fit while still earning.

6. Walk dogs.

Dogs are intelligent creatures, and walking them allows you to form special bonds with these furry friends. Regarding walking dogs as a side hustle, you could surf through the dog walking & sitting site, and you may be lucky to be hired as a dog walker upon applying. What’s great about the walks is that you will burn many calories and remain fit while bringing the family an extra income when the kids are away in school.

7. Get paid to work out.

Getting paid to work out sounds a little absurd, right? However, we are used to paying the gym management, who then delivers the trainers to train us. Basically, the management pays the trainers to work out, and it’s something you could also do as a side hustle when your children are in school. You can start by getting certified as a fitness instructor. 

With the certification, you will never miss out on companies that can employ you and benefit from your services. What’s more, most gyms train people during the day and later in the evening, and you will likely find your best fit for the time when you have your children in school. Moreover, you will burn fats and remain fit, adding more days to your life.

8. Do tax jobs.

You have noticed that people (including you) have lots of tax jobs between the 1st of January and the 15th of April every year. This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn cash from a side hustle by assisting them with these jobs. It’s even better if you are a certified accountant or have some experience working out tax jobs, especially for the jobs that call for particular skills. However, being good with numbers might also help since data entry jobs do not need special skills, and you will be trickling cash into your pocket.

9. Run errands for people.

Most people on a tight employment schedule find themselves overwhelmed with domestic chores, making people who run errands in high demand. When your kids are away in school, you could go to such houses and do groceries, wash dishes, run errands, fold clothes, and organize and clean the house. Such activities help you put cash in your pocket while timing your child’s return from school.

The bottom line 

Life with kids is fun but can be stressful when your income is not sustainable; hence you might need a side hustle, especially while the kids are in school. With most of these activities, you earn cash and still create time for your children when they come from school.

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.