List of Agents and Markets for Upmarket Fiction

If you’ve never heard of upmarket fiction, then you don’t have to worry: It’s not that hard, and you might find out that you’ve been writing upmarket fiction yourself all along. Simply defined, upmarket fiction is fiction that blends commercial fiction and literary work – so it’s fiction that’s easy reading but literary at the same time. Grind up some coffee while we’re at it, and let’s talk some business.

There are many markets and agents that are currently looking for upmarket fiction to publish and represent. Here are some of our suggestions.

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Irene Goodman Literary Agency

Irene Goodman Literary Agency represents several genres, though they are currently looking for upmarket fiction to represent – so if you’ve got a novella or novel in the making, then maybe it’s time to get in touch with the Agency to find out if they can point you in the right direction.

The Lotts Agency

The Lotts Agency has several agents part of the larger firm, and a lot of their agents represent upmarket fiction blended with genre fiction – and they have such a comprehensive list of agents that you’ll surely find what you’re looking for if you browse through their website.

Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency

Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency is looking for writers that write primarily upmarket, commercial women’s fiction – though they will also represent authors that write any other amount.

Dana Newman Literary Agency

Dana Newman Literary Agency prides themselves on being an extremely selective literary agency that’s interested in publishing excellent examples of upmarket literary fiction and “women’s upmarket fiction” – the next generation of chick-lit.

The Stringer Literary Agency

The Stringer Literary Agency is looking for upmarket women’s fiction and general upmarket adult fiction. They also publish fantasy and romance fiction. They do not charge any reading fees.

Nelson Literary Agency

Nelson Literary Agency is looking for exceptional upmarket fiction that they describe as “evocative” and “page turning”, make sure that you read their guidelines thoroughly before you submit your work to them.

Laura Dali Literary Agency

Laura Dali Literary Agency is a well-established and well-known literary agency that publishes a wide variety of genres including fiction and nonfiction, practical nonfiction, history, current events, food – and also fiction with “a literary twist”, “chick-lit”, romance. They have stated.

Kensington Publishing Corporation Submissions

Kensington Publishing Corporation is a literary magazine that looks at establishing historical romance, mysteries, historical mysteries and suspense thrillers; but they also have a soft spot for upmarket fiction, and even if you write cross-over fiction, if it’s excellent writing they will likely be willing to consider it.

The Deborah Harris Agency

The Deborah Harris Agency looks to market and represent exceptional “literary fiction and serious nonfiction”, though they particularly note that they are also looking for upmarket fiction submissions and are more than welcome to consider even historical fiction that fits.

BookEnds Literary Agency

BookEnds Literary Agency is looking for strong fiction submissions through several genres including romance, mystery and suspense – but they’re also looking for women’s fiction, historical fiction, literary fiction – and they love the right kind of upmarket fiction.