My Favorite Places to Find Web Serials

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Fanfiction is a form of writing that is largely written by amateurs. The movie After, Fifty Shades of Grey, and many others have been created from stories originally created as fanfiction. People who create stories in fanfiction generally pull from characters in real life, TV shows, movies, and sports and then create their own original version of the story. Fanfiction is all about exploration and discovery. It can honestly be fairly difficult to find great Read More »

List of Agents and Markets for Upmarket Fiction

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If you’ve never heard of upmarket fiction, then you don’t have to worry: It’s not that hard, and you might find out that you’ve been writing upmarket fiction yourself all along. Simply defined, upmarket fiction is fiction that blends commercial fiction and literary work – so it’s fiction that’s easy reading but literary at the same time. Grind up some coffee while we're at it, and let's talk some business. There are many markets and Read More »

10 Copywriting Tips Everyone Should Know

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Being a good copywriter involves having a good diction, persuading the client, perfect spelling and grammar, yes, but it’s not all you should know. If this is your profession, you sure want to be the best and stand out over others. There are certain types of methods to optimize much more than the usual of the writings, and certainly, to obtain better results. To achieve this, not only write, but clearly, concisely and accurately express Read More »

Is Self Publishing a Book a Good Idea?

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There is a lot of controversy regarding self publishing and traditional publishing. Various people have got their own opinions. In this post, I will be stating all the benefits that are connected to self publishing. Self publishing is considered to be a much better option as it is undoubtedly faster than that of the traditional route. The traditional mode of publishing usually consumes a greater amount of time. With self publishing, you will be able to Read More »

What is a Prologue and do you need one?

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What is a Prologue and do you need one? One of the things that you will sometimes see in books is a prologue. But what exactly is this chapter and do you need one? That’s a question that many new authors ask, particularly those who are self-publishing and have to make decisions like that themselves. In this article, we’ll go over exactly what the definition of a prologue is and what things must be included Read More »

Common Mistakes Children’s Book Writers Make

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Common Mistakes Children’s Book Writers Make Whether you are talking about early chapter books, picture books, middle-grade or YA novels, there are some pretty common mistakes that writers make. These are usually restricted to new writers, although they can apply to someone used to writing in the adult genre that has just started writing for children. There are five mistakes that editors see over and over and which can make your book completely non-publishable. Let’s Read More »

How to Start a Story - Characters First

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Starting a Story with a Character Another effective method for starting a story is with a main character; this might be the protagonist, but it might just as easily be the antagonist. In either case, starting a story with a character can be a really great way to proceed, because if you create a great character, they will develop the story themselves. Pack a bowl of legalized bud and let’s take a look at the Read More »

How to Create Characters That Leap Off the Page

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How to Create Characters That Leap Off the Page Every author wants to create characters that leap off the page, but since new writers are not sure how to do that, their characters often fall flat. If you are writing two-dimensional characters, don’t worry because you are not alone. It takes time and experience to get to the point where your writing characters that resonate so much in a reader’s mind that you will start Read More »

Getting the Best Blender in 2020

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When many individuals buy blenders with the target of a much healthier diet or a positive shift in their lives, a terrific proportion of these wind up going unused. You don't need to be super picky in regards to deciding upon a stick blender. Stick blenders are offered in a selection of shaft lengths to satisfy your personal kitchen requirements. It's a lot easier to just use a stick blender. The removable regions of the Read More »